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Preliminary Community Park Concept

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Red River

Pinal County, Arizona
Client: Tousa Homes, Inc.

The Red River project is a re-development of the 4,000 acre former ranch of John Wayne. It is located in Pinal County, Arizona, just outside of the Town of Maricopa. The community will be a mixed-used project, including single-family residential, active adult living, commercial and public facilities.

Strategically placed through out the development will be a variety of open spaces and amenities. The central feature will be a 60-acre community park. The park includes a recreation complex with a double beachfront entry pool, spas, and waterfalls. Splash pads, tennis and volleyball courts and baseball fields will also be part of the design. Other areas of the park provide open spaces for picnicking, an amphitheater and an air dome sports center among many other activities. Adding to the aesthetics of the park are 20 acres of lakes. These will provide both recreational opportunities and act as the source of water to irrigate all of the public landscaping.

Another key feature of the project is the channelization and re-vegetation of Smith Wash. This will be a beautiful area of riparian trees, native grasses and wild flowers. A trail system through the wash will act as a corridor linking the residents to the parks and the rest of the community.

The public architecture, recreation center, entry monumentation and signage reflect the ranch style vernacular, lending an air of rusticated elegance. The master plan of the community is pedestrian friendly, with bike lanes, detached sidewalks and tree-lined parkways.

The overall feel of the development is one of a pleasant, rural, family community with the added bonus of being just a short distance away from the Phoenix metropolitan area.